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Friday, May 20, 2011

Big fat D

D is for deficient, that's what I am...deficient...in vitamin D.  I had some blood work done as part of my check up recently and it came back that I was low on iron-not a big shock since I don't eat meat.  Today I got the second half of my labs and it turns out I'm also low on D.  I was low on D before, I take 2000 IUs of D a day, apparently that's not enough to combat the lack of sunshine in the great Pacific NW.  

One of the reasons I wanted my blood work checked was my frightening lapses in memory.  I'm 36 years old, and frankly I just don't think I should look at my friend/fellow 1st grade Momma and forget her son's name and that's what happened not long ago.  I stood there staring at this woman, trying to reach deep into the recesses of my apparently deficient brain, to pull her son's name out.  Now, her son has been a classmate of Paulo's for nearly two years.  I should be able to remember it!  But I couldn't!  And that, that freaks me out.  You see, I have a family history of early menopause and memory trouble was one of the first things my sister noticed, around my age.  Couple that with our Mother's dementia and you get a worried woman. 

Hopefully with a few small tweaks to my vitamin/supplement routine, which is already rather large, I can start to feel an improvement.  Being low in both of those can result in fatigue, depression, foggy thinking and the like.  All things I struggle with and things I want to see go away.  Often I wake up feeling tired, oh I can power through my day, but it doesn't feel good.  I don't enjoy it.  I can still run-which helps boost my energy-but some days it's a struggle to talk myself into my shoes.  For now, I've started on a low(ish) dose of iron, working up to slightly higher and 10000 IUs of vitamin D a day.  That's 5x that I was taking! 

So, here's hoping that I can sweep the cobwebs out of my brain and get some vitality back. 

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